Using Social Media at Home

  • Encourage your child to write more often by posting daily status updates on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to also encourage them to use correct spelling and grammar!
  • Try to get your child interested in keeping a daily journal on a personal computer, or in Facebook’s Notes section. Notes on Facebook can be made private, so they won’t be seen by friends.
  • Find educational profiles for your child to follow on Facebook or Twitter. Examples include: CNN, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Mental Floss, your local museum or library, or pages specific to your child’s interests (NASA, the National Science Foundation, etc.).
  • Help your child find their favorite authors or book publishers on Facebook. For example: Random House Children’s Books has a profile page that updates followers on new releases in young adult books, 365 Great Children’s Books lists a book a day for younger readers, and Barnes & Noble shares information on books, ebooks, and more, for readers of all ages.
  • Ask your child to share with you one new thing they learned online each day. Be sure your child always does some research to make sure it’s actually true!