About the Site

If your students struggle with reading long-form works, but manage to successfully interact using social media, then it is my hope that this website will give you some ideas for using social media techniques to promote better literacy in your classroom. This site particularly focuses on the effects of social media on literacy in secondary educational settings (high schools).

This site is being created as part of a service learning project for a Educational Psychology course on Psychological Learning Theories (course number EDP 5003 at the University of Texas at San Antonio). The course is taught by Dr. Carolyn Orange, author of "25 Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make and How to Avoid Them." For more information on the course, please visit UTSA's website at www.utsa.edu.

About Me

I am a first-year graduate student at the University of Texas at San Antonio, working toward a Master's of Education degree with a concentration in Special Education. I have prior experience tutoring students in literacy from my time as a City Year corps member. My educational goals include becoming a special education teacher, becoming a librarian, and becoming a professor at a school of education. My educational areas of interest include literacy, special education, technology in the classroom, and media literacy.

Contact Me
I can be reached at my school email address: efp947 at my dot utsa dot edu.

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